Carlos Stasi is a performer composer who has written more than a hundred pieces, mostly solos. He specialized on contemporary percussion and has been teaching at the São Paulo State University/Unesp since 1987. He is also co-director of Unesp´s Percussion Ensemble – Grupo PIAP. Stasi has a Master Degree from the California Institute of the Arts – Calarts, where he also taught, and a PhD from the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa. Initiated on musical scrapers by his uncle Nadir Rovari, Stasi has been working with these instruments since 1982; studying, playing, composing, developing a notational system for them and researching in various countries. In 1988 he formed Duo Experimental with percussionist Edson Gianesi, in 1990 created the RECO-Center for Studies of Musical Scrapers and in 2011 released the book The Devil’s Instrument: Music, Imagination and Marginality where he discusses several issues concerning percussion and philosophy.